Explore is an action for the tamers to travel with their dragons to an area. Each exploration costs the the exploring dragon's energy. During the exploration tamers will encounter monsters, find items or might find nothing.



Normal mode is the average exploration tamers embark.


Hero mode is unlocked after finishing the Utakhan scenario.

Exploitable AreasEdit


Image Name Lv Element
Forest of Hope Lv 1 Earth
Shipwreck Lv 5 Water
Fire Mountain Lv 10 Fire
Wind Temple Lv 15 Wind
Sky Temple Lv 20 Light
Tomb of Forest God Lv 25 Dark
Underwater Cave Lv 30 Water
Crystal Mine Lv 33 Earth
Rainbow Lake Lv 36 Water
Waterfall of Ghosts Lv 38 Fire
Bandit's Igloo Lv 40 Earth
Blizzard Mountain Lv 42 Wind
Tower of Light Lv 45 Light
Skeleton Fortress ? Dark
Rift of Chaos ? Dark

Metal TowerEdit

Image Name Lv Element
Graveyard of Machines Lv 25 Fire
Mineral Valley Lv 30 Wind
Gate of Colossus Lv 35 Earth
Fire Dragon Nest Lv 45 Dark


Image Name Lv Element
Spirit Forest Lv 25 Earth
Forest Valley Lv 30 Wind
Ancient Ruins Lv 35 Water
Tree of Life Lv 45 Light

Uno Edit

Black Island

Mysterious Emitter

Berna Edit

Central Lake

Imp Jungle

Adel Runs

Highland Baha

Grr Plain

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